japanese art and japanese calligraphy and sumi art by high master calligrapher yoshiko moon. award winning japanese artist and consummate teacher







Welcome to Yoshiko Moon's Web


     Here you will find the award winning Art of  Yoshiko Moon, one of Japans eminent High Masters. With paintings so surreal, you can feel a warm, gentle breeze caressing your face as you gaze upon her delicate flowers. Paintings so quiet, you can hear the sounds of  Spring whispering in the air.


     The Fine Art on these pages are all, the original work of Yoshiko. They are hand painted using the finest hand ground inks on hand made rice papers, hand made cold-pressed textured papers and other high quality art mediums.


     The ensuing pages here represent only a few of the many talents of Yoshiko's Fine Art. So.. sit back and enjoy, as we help you explore this wonderful new venture into one of  Japans ancient art forms.. here, you are just one click away from a bold new adventure in Fine Japanese Sumi Art... you can start by clicking on any of the picture links on the left. Please enjoy and come back often.




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