photo by Erika Castillo Licea

Yoshiko Moon

     Born in Kobe, Japan, Yoshiko began her studies in Calligraphy at the neighborhood Temple, beginning at the tender age of six. After this first year of ground level training, Yoshiko has now fallen in love with the brush and is ready to begin serious studies.


     Her parents moved Yoshiko into private hands where she will train, for the next nine years, under the watchful eye and the gentle guiding hands of  Ms. Atsuko Fukumasa, herself a long time Master with the prestigious Sesshin-kai Society. In these years, Yoshiko fails to miss, come rain or come shine, not a single documented day of studies.


     Midway through High School, Yoshiko is now ready to move up in rank and continue her private training, now under the stern guidance and the masterful hands of  Mr. Ichiro Matsumoto, Shinsakaiin of Eiwa Shodokai, with whom she will study and train for the next twenty years.


     Now, more than thirty years later since beginning, having become a very accomplished artist and winning many prestigious awards, Yoshiko has become a licensed "High Master" teacher in her own right and has today, enjoyed over fifteen years in private teaching.          More....


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