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Japanese Calligraphy

The fine Japanese Calligraphy on these pages are the work of Yoshiko Moon and are hand painted onto delicate and fragile, handmade washi papers, handmade cold press papers and other quality mediums.


You will find Yoshiko's work to be very quiet, gentle.... gracefully delicate and... un-assuming. Her brush strokes the paper with both vision and authority, bringing new life to an ancient art.

  Japanese Calligraphy by Yoshiko Moon

Japanese Proverbs
(read from right-top to left-bottom)
KISHI KAISEI "dramatic recovery"
SHICHITEN HAKKI "Life is full of ups and downs"
ICHION NYUKON "pour my soul into each single tone"
Painted for Music Studio Wall Panel
Custom Work

Makoto Gyosho
MAKOTO - Truth -
(Gyoso font)

MAKOTO - Truth)
(Kaisho font)

Custom work for Kyudo Renmei SC

Karate Bunomichi
Karate Slogan
 "The first rule of Karate is being cool."
T-shirts design
Custom Work

Kyudo Slogan
"Truth Goodness Beauty"
Custom Work

glass etching
Kyudo renmei Glass Etching

Kyudo sharikantoku
Kyudo Slogan
 practice right way with no ulterior motive
Custom Work

Painted for Kyudo renmei Calendar



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