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The 3500 year old art form of Japanese Calligraphy


"It is the Wise Man who knows when to speak and when to be silent" (click to enlarge)


"It is the wise man who knows when to speak and when to be silent"

 Wise Man 36 x 24 (unframed)


The busiest person have the most leisure

bouchu kan ari 11x14

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Fuji 8x10



Kokyo 18x24


"Would you like to have some tea?"

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Kissako 24x36

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Love in time

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Ki (Spiritual energy)

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Zen 18x24

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Japanese Calligraphy


The fine Japanese Art on these pages are the work of Yoshiko Moon and are hand painted onto delicate and fragile, handmade washi papers, handmade cold press papers and other quality mediums.

You will find Yoshiko's work to be very quiet, gentle.... gracefully delicate and... un-assuming. Her brush strokes the paper with both vision and authority, bringing new life to an ancient art.


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