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S.C. Art Commission

Week residency program (4days / 5days)

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Japanese Greeting
Name written in Japanese

Origami project

Learning "Kanji"
Introduce traditional painting tools
Japanese Calligraphy
Sumi-e painting

Japanese Ancient Tie-Dye Washi Paper
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Kimono Demonstration



One day Demonstration, Performance

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I have many variety and flexible program which can fit your time schedule for kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High School, College, University and other art community.

So, please ask me and have discussion.




Teacher's Work Shop (in week program)

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Japanese Calligraphy
Sumi-e painting
Japanese Tea Ceremony and Kimono demonstration





Summer Art Intensive Class

Summer Art Camp

Gifted Talented Children Work Shop


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Student Review



Dear Moon sensei,

     Thank you for telling us about Japan, and teaching us new words in Japanese like Kimono.  And I enjoy learning about Japan.  I also enjoyed painting with you.  And I enjoyed doing the Bamboo activity with you.  I also enjoyed doing the Panda activity with you too.  And I enjoyed doing the origami with you too.  It was fun doing new things with you.  I had a great, fantastick, exiting, spectaculer, wonderful, terrifick time. 



From Jasmine (2nd grade)

Fair-Oak Elemnetary

Westminster, SC



Dear Moon-sensei,

     Your art class lighted my face everyday.  Just learing about the Japanese culture was fun and interesting.  And your culture was so exciting.  I convinsed my parents to go to Tokyo Japan this summer.  I hope you come back to Sara Collins next year.  My favorite of all the day was Thursday and Wednesday.  I also hanged my master piece (Japan symbol) I hanged it on my wall in my room.  Me and my friend also did mini version of Japanese tea ceremony.  Also thank you so much for the lesson of Japanese language.  It has really helped me.  So, thank you very much.


From Clara (4th grade)

Sara Collins Elementary (Greenville SC)